Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Drew B

Dear Carl, It is with great pleasure that I write this congratulatory letter to you and your company. After riding 35 years and clocking in over 5,000 miles last year on a custom Seven Titanium, I felt it was time to try a new material and a new frame maker. After research and networking among the universe of road riders in the Southeast, I determined early on that Strong Frames was a worthy candidate for my needs. From the start of the transaction, I felt assured that my decision was spot on. The virtual tour of your frame shop, the immediate communication response via phone or e-mail, as well as a team who recognized me and my needs, quickly built this linkage. On the technical front, Carl listened, offered constructive suggestions, went out of his way to show and demonstrate options, and worked very hard to make my purchase of a frame made of Scandium aluminum with muscle front and rear forks a positive and satisfying experience. My concern over powder spray was ill-founded after seeing the final product. The paint job just ìblows your socks offîóitís awesome! Thanks again, Carl, for a super product that will be showcased on state tours this year from Florida to Virginia. Youíd better send me more calling cards, as I am already supplying e-mail and phone numbers for your company to my fellow cyclists. Keep on Cranking, Drew Bratton Pittsboro, North Carolina P.S. The attached pictures say it all. What a BIKE!