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Owner's Gallery: Doug S #2

Hi Carl – I’ve finished building my fixed gear commuter and I can tell you it’s been a lot of fun riding to work. There’s something elemental about fixed gear bikes that strips the riding experience to its basic level – and I love it. By the time you had finished converting the frame to fixed gear, I had already acquired some vintage Campy components including ‘sheriff star’ high flange track hubs (c 1980’s), Pista crankset and dual pivot bakes (1990’s). This was always intended to be a commuter – hence the Nitto rack -, but I also wanted it to be a beautiful Campy bike, and I hope you’ll agree that I’ve accomplished that. Remember when we talked about the Phil BB not allowing enough clearance for the crankarms? I sent it back to them and it was easy for them to swap out the spindle for a longer one – so no problem. Sincerely, Doug Sams