Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: David G

Carl & Loretta,
I finally have the 29er frame built that I purchased back in March. I am attaching a few photos. The quality leaves something to be desired. I am experimenting with a new camera and I am very much a novice. I will send some better photos in the near future.
The initial setup is with WTB WeirWolf 2.55LT tires. Please look at photo #3 and tell me what you think about the tire clearance between the seat tube and the tire. It is tucked in a little tighter than I am used to, but I am not sure that really presents a problem. The chain stay & seat stay clearances are fine. The chain is tensioned to about 60% – 70% back in the slider mechanism.
Also, you cannot really tell a lot from my photos, but the new Chris King “Brown” colored components really match the Lazer Copper powder color well in my opinion. Some may differ, and like contrasting component colors, but I happen to like the look here.
Thanks again,
David Goff