Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: David F

” After all the excitement of ordering, designing, and building up my new Strong, I was actually a little nervous to take my first test ride. Would it be everything I hope it to be, would I be disappointed, ……….? After just a few pedal strokes I had an incredible grin on my face and actually said Holy S*%# out loud. The responsiveness of this frame was immediately apparent.
I now have about 600 miles on the bike and can truly say Carl built exactly the frame I wanted. Snappy rear end, compliant front end, efficient climber, solid descender……. this frame rewards my input without hesitation. Carl definitely listened to to my wants and needs pertaining to the ride and concocted just the right geometry and tubing blend to create a machine that would accomplish the task. Carl allowed me plenty of input on the geometry and tubing choices, yet firmly, but gently steered me away from any less than ideal suggestions I came up with. He was able to do that with the calm confidence that is acquired with years of honing ones skills.
Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of the frame building process was just getting to work with wonderful folks like Loretta and Carl. I had met them at the NAHBS in Richmond and knew by the end of the day my next frame would be a Strong.
If you have ever considered a custom frame, do you self a favor and pick up the phone, call Carl and Loretta and order your dream bike. You will not only get a perfectly fitted bike that rides just how you want it, but also one built by a homegrown family shop owned by wonderful people you can feel great about doing business with!