Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Brian M

This is my second frame from Carl and I couldn’t be happier. It’s designed for someone 6’5″ 230 pounds who races Cat 4 for fun. My first frame was a similar design made by Carl from Columbus Max tubing, but I think this one is actually much better balanced. I believe it is a mix of True Temper OX Platinum and Columbus Life tubing. It built up to a solid 20.5 pounds with my Reynolds wheels – which for a bike for someone my size is pretty good. The pictures show a lot of spacers on my steerer tube, I hadn’t finished installation when I took these. My stem is about 2cm lower for general road riding. I’ve only ridden about 150 miles on it so far in two days, but I really like the way it feels. It’s firm, stiff in the right way yet comfortable and stable. Over 25 years of riding, I’ve owned a lot of bikes, but none have really had that perfect balance of agility, stiffness and comfort that this one has. I’ll post an update after I’ve finished a few races. The other issue, NO ONE has ever stood behind their frames like Carl has. Especially for someone my size. If you are thinking about getting a Strong frame, know that Carl really means what he says about making sure it is right for you and he sticks with his warranty. The craftsmanship on these frames has been perfect, and he has the best welds I have ever seen. I’m also really impressed with Spectrum powder coating. This finish looks great. Now I’ve got to convince to my wife that I now need Carl to build me a titanium MTB frame, a time trial frame, and a cyclocross frame, did I miss anything?