Strong Frames Custom Bicycles



Owner's Gallery: Betsy H

…Rosie is f@^#%in’ awesome (yep, that’s her name – Rosie Strong). I now understand what “responsive” means. She goes everywhere I want and nowhere that I don’t. She rides like she’s on rails. When I’m in the drops and remove one hand to point out an obstacle, she doesn’t waver at all. And I can bunny hop her, something I’ve had trouble with on my other bike. Seems like my weight is much more balanced between front and back. And she seems to climb really well too, though I just put a computer on her today so still need more data points there. Lastly, for now, she’s so comfortable. Almost like she was made for me. Oh wait…

I’m sold on Strong custom bikes. Can’t imagine buying anything else from now on. And as others have said, though I bought her for traveling, she has already become my “go to” bike. Can’t wait to put some real miles on her.

I’m unbelievably hard to please and you’ve blown me away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.