Custom Bicycles

Tyler H:

Hi Carl This bike is great!  So much fun to ride. Still getting some rides in here before the trails get too frozen or snow covered.   Tried to get a good photo today after my ride for the owners gallery, but I will try to get some more photos once I clean it up […]

Rich B:

A double butted titanium road for caliper brakes. This frame is the fourth we’ve build for Rich, 3 for him and 2 for his wife. We love repeat customers because it validates everything we do. This bike will be getting a dream build with the new Shimano Dura Ace, Enve cockpit and Hed/King wheels.

Tyler H:

This bike is for a fellow Montanan Tyler from Whitefish. He also has a Extralite steel road we made his a couple years ago. It’s a Double Butted Titanium 29er with Fox fork, Sram Eagle drivetrain, Shimano brakes and Nox Composites wheels.

Craig Z:

Titanium Fat Bike

Ned H:

Sent in from Ned of New Orleans. Pics of his recently purchased 29er+ along with his 2001 26″ MTB.

Paula D:

Custom Blend titanium 26″ MTB.

Marc E:

Marc’s third bike from us. A single speed Custom Blend steel cyclocross rig with SRAM, Ritchey, King and Pacenti.

Tyler H:

Here is a double butted titanium 29er MTB for return Customer Tyler.

George L:

Custom Blend titanium 29er single speed MTB. Can also set up for rear derailleur.

Steve D:

Ready to attack the hills of San Francisco. This Custom Blend steel MTB with 650b’s will be used primarily as a city bike.