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Personal Blend

All my frames are completely custom so you’re going to get what you want no matter what it is. The Personal Blend is more of a starting idea. The idea is that you can mount 23c road tires and road race, group ride and train on them or you can run cross tires and cross race and ride dirt roads paths or trails. We can build it around tires of any size. With fenders you can ride in the rain making them the perfect year round training bike and they can have room for studded tires which makes them great for year round commuting. They can be built for cantilever brakes, long reach calipers or disc brakes. If you choose you can also add rack mounts and use it for light touring. This configuration is truly the most versatile type of high performance bike you can own.

Like all Strong Frames, they are custom sized and the tube dimensions are picked for you.  Depending on your goals we’ll find the balance between pure road bike, adventure bike, gravel grinder, touring bike and cyclocross that will best suit your needs. All specs are chosen by you along with my guidance so that the use is aimed at the balance that suites your needs and priorities.

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