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2000-2002 Story Mill. “The Mill”

Story Mill was a cool old Historic landmark which at one time produced flower and was owned by Bozeman’s version of the Rockefellers, the Story family. This was when things were really getting crazy. Ibis LLC had moved all their equipment up and we had a serious head of steam going. We were building a lot of frames and powder coating them. Unfortunately things were a little shaky at Ibis LLC.

There are two sides to every story so I won’t belabor the point but here is how I see things happening. First let me say that Scot Nicol is a hero and I have nothing but good things to say about him. Unfortunately I don’t feel the same about the two that bought Ibis LLC. In a nut shell they couldn’t keep us paid for the work we were doing. We stopped building their frames and so they started having them built somewhere else rather than pay us. About a year later they went bankrupt. After their bankruptcy we split their property with another creditor but we were now stuck in a shop that was much too large and strapped with a bunch of Ibis LLC debt.

So I sold my house, which I had since moved from and was currently renting. I used the money I made to pay off some Ibis LLC bills. I also funded my portion of a down payment on a new building that I, along with two partners built in 2002. We were lucky to find a site that was centrally located in the downtown area of Bozeman, so I got this bright idea that I would attach a bike shop to the frame shop and create a cycling community center. Inspired by some of the cool brew pubs I’d been in, the bike shop looked into the frame shop through a large viewing window. In early 2002 we moved to the new building and opened Stark Raven Cycles. Ibis ( and Scot Nicol along with new owners have since been re-born and are doing great!